Menelaos Katafigiotis

Virtual Gallery

Welcome to the virtual galleries of Menelaos Katafigiotis. The galleries will be periodically expanded and updated as we continue to catalog the works of the artist. To be notified of added works, please join our mailing list.

The images were scanned using the Nikon 4000 Supercool Scanner, from transparencies photographed by the artist himself. Great care was taken to preserve the color values of the original works, but due to the nature of internet image compression and optimization, color accuracy cannot be garanteed.

The folowing images are digitally watermarked for the protection of the copyright owners. These images are intended for the enjoyment of the viewer and must not be saved, copied, reproduced, or transmitted without the expressed written permission of the copyright owner. Please contact the webmaster for further details on reproducing these images.

Many of the artists records of transactions were lost or inacurate, therefore, the titles and wereabouts of many of the paintings are unknown. If you are an owner or know of an owner of any of the following works, please help us in our cataloging by reporting the wereabouts of the works. The images are indexed by number for your convenience. Thank you for your consideration.