• Kimon Katafigiotis

    Tel: 201.306.3921

    • Digital Recording
      Pro-Tools 12 & TDM Mix 24 Digital Audio

    • Tube Amplification
      Fender Amplifier selection.

    • Mic Closet
      Selection of Condenser and dynamic microphones

    • Drums and Percussion
      Congas and hand percussion available

    • Digital Console
      Yamaha 02R 40 Input Digital Recording Console

    • Drums and Percussion
      Ludwig 5 Piece Vintage Kit with Zildjian Cymbals

    Ultrascene Recording

    • PRO TOOLS 12 & TDM Mix|24 Digital Audio
    • 40 Input Yamaha 02R Digital Console
    • Outboard Effects and Pre-Amps
    • Mics, Mics, Mics
    • Fender, Hartke Amps
    • Ludwig 5 piece Drum kit
    • Extensive MIDI capabilities
    • Production Assistance
    • Low Hourly Rates!
    Alt Rock
    ConCiencia Social
    Monumenst in Making
    Hard Rock
    Bernie Clemens
    Singer Songwriter
    Rob Moore
    Voice Over
    Radio Spot
    Karen Hoyos
    Voice Over
    Spanish Language
    Curtis Urbina
    Voice Over
    "Music Business"
    "March Of Mulvahil"
    Thrash Metal
    "Little Ashley"
    Pop Rock
    Kimon & the Prophets
    "Far Off Places"
    Funk / Blues